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Lifecycle of an Incident in Real-Time

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Tracking resources in real time. Ground units and Aircraft. Crews and Engines. Dozers and Trucks. Everything integrated into a real-time fully operational 4D GIS environment, based on latest ESRI technology.

Control time enabled events and GIS datasets. Integrate Weather predictions, Aerial and Satellite Imagery,  from public sources or from within your organization.

Everything without the need of being a GIS expert, ready to help you control the safety of the operations or to provide unprecedented support to Strategical and Tactical Analysis.

Is that unit in a potentially risky zone? Is there a potential impact of the fire in that community in the next hours? Is the precipitation over acceptable limits to start planning the evacuation? Where is the best area to plan the next operations?

These questions need a quick response, that has to be informed with real-time information, from different sources in a decision-making environment easy and powerful. This is Tactical Analyst.

Tactical Analyst encapsulates 20 years of Incident Support experience.

Agencies all over the world use Technosylva’s products since 1997 to support more than 20,000 incidents per year.  Tactical Analyst is based on the experience of Incident Commanders and Analysts all over the globe, together with the best technology possible to create an operational tool.

Local weather data

Access to weather observations to more than 80,000 stations nationwide thanks to the integration with Synoptic services.

Advanced Weather Models

For the first time, complex weather prediction models can be easily integrated into a GIS environment, to provide what can we expect next. Models from NOAA and NWS can be directly used without data experts needed to make them work for you.

Track Resources anywhere

We integrate into the same Common Operational Picture resources tracked with AVL and Satellite trackers from SPOT. No more multiple screens to have a unique situational awareness, no matter which technology your agency uses.

Wildfire Modeling in seconds

When can we expect the fire to reach out trigger point? What time can that community be impacted? Simulation in seconds, calibrating with field data. From the makers of Wildfire Analyst, the best operational wildfire modeling. Without the whole complexity. Just right answers

Live GIS feeds

Satellite and Radar feeds. UAS and Aerial platforms. GIS federal, state and local feeds. All integrated thanks to the powerful ESRI technology behind. And of course, everything in a secure environment.

Integrate mobile data from the field

Get fiResponse mobile and benefit from a full suite of tools to enable your workforce with a totally disconnected enabled system that will synchronize your data when connectivity is available. No network? No problem, let’s connect with Gotenna devices!

Easy to use and intuitive user interface.

Tactical Analyst provides a full 4-dimensional environment, that allows tracking on 3 D and in time the events happening during the incident. A 3D GIS Globe with a fully configurable time control allows the Situation Unit personnel to have an immersive awareness of any part of an ongoing or past incident. No complicated control, full control at the click of your mouse.

Technosylva. Advanced Wildland Fire Solutions.

Since 1997, Technosylva has been providing advanced wildfire and forestry products and services for decision makers around the world.

Technosylva provides advanced GIS-enabled software solutions for wildfire protection planning, operational response & firefighter and public safety.

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